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新しいアートのフォーマット ― ハイブリッド・エディション,ブロックチェーン(NFT)と物理世界

--- NFTのアート利用における,成り立ち,不都合な真実,リスク,状況整理などを記事にしました。アーティスト視点でここまでクリティカルなのは他にないはずです。---

About Goh

Goh Uozumi is an artist working in the field of Art & Technology.
His works have focused on the ‘automation movements in civilization,’ in which humans use technology to mechanize intelligence, contracts, labor, creation, trust, and life.

He studied Media Art under professor Seiko Mikami and works with algorithm-based methodologies that are capable of including non-human intelligence/existence.  His long-term mission is to intervene in historical paradigm shifts through art. 

In 2020, he exhibited a new work, New Economic War at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. This work focuses on the theme that humans operate mass-less things as *New Resources* in today’s world.
Exploring the increasingly complex technologies and structures of domination, the work questions autonomy within the world system, or democracy in the essential sense of whether we can decide our own way.

Since 2015, he has released three works reflecting on the world transformation through algorithms, taking advantage of the emergence of cryptocurrency, a technology that has successfully mechanized *trust,* once the exclusive property of nature, like love, etc., that is, making ‘God’ socially unnecessary in ‘In God We Trust.’
空の国家 -State of Empty that artificial intelligence creates a (nation) state for itself, and New Order/Siren Call?  that visualizes cryptocurrency and distributed ledger as an origin of new social order were created as commissioned works by NTT InterCommunicationCenter[ICC] in 2016.
And the origin of the both works, Trustless Trust/Mk.God that evokes memories of future artificial systems won the grand prize of Digital Choc Award 2015 by Institut Francais Tokyo, Zinc, and SecondNature.

In 2014, he belonged to Waseda University’s Lab for Molecular Cell Network as a visiting researcher of Bio Art.

In his early career, OBSERVER N that extends theory-of-life reality by decentralized autonomous network system, was commissioned by The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media[YCAM] in 2012, and his first major work, F – void sample that goes across the void and perception, won the excellence prize of the 2009 Japan Media Art Festival.

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Exhibition Catalogue, MOT ANNUAL 2020 - 透明な力たち INVISIBLE POWERS

MOT Annual is a group exhibition featuring young Japanese artists that invites inquiry and discussion by focusing on a particular aspect of contemporary art. The 16th MOT Annual will look at the workings of invisible powers in nature and society that affect people and things, through four artists and an artist duo who attempt to reconstruct the mechanisms behind such powers.

-> The Exhibition

The exhibition catalogue of MOT Annual 2020

Bijutsu Techo, Dec 2018 - Feature: Art Meets Blockchain

My interview and essay about rewriting the public protocols in our society with the distributed ledger. I showed what the original evolvability of this field is and a critique for this trend.

  1. ‘Interview – Goh Uozumi x Minoru Hatanaka’,
  2. ‘For The Coming World – the cultural foundation in the distributed ledger era’ by Goh Uozumi
    • Next generation protocol – Whole Museums
    • Deception by “Art and Blockchain”
      • Hypes that should have ended, Regress that fakes as progress
      • Permeability of protocol, and Depredation of the public
    • The new public
      • What is new subject
      • Public in cultural goods
    • Where are we going

Gendai-Shiso, Jan 2017 - Feature: Philosophy of Bitcoin and Blockchain

An essay about *Trustlss Trust* and my recent art activities. 
With ‘what the trustless’ is at its core, I summarized the history of Bitcoin and the ideological background in cryptocurrency such as cypher punk, and the results in my art based on them. It’s the essence and fundamentals about why art should work on this movement.

  1. ‘An attempt at interpretation of Trustless Trust’ by Goh Uozumi
    • TRUSTLESS – the principle and history
      • What is Bitcoin
      • Cypher culture and Money
      • Domain of Trust
      • Humans and trust, and toward reconsideration of subject 
    • New Order

正誤:p127, 10行目



Newcomer Artists 100
Art Critique no.2
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