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Goh UOZUMI is an artist who works in the field of Art & Technology. He studied Media Art under professor Seiko Mikami and has focused on the automation movements in civilization such as autonomous organization, programmable money, machine intelligence, mass-surveillance society, creative coding, etc.

In 2017, he started a public benefit and non-profit project ‘Whole Museums’ which develops next-generation museum protocols by cryptocurrency, distributed ledger(like blockchain), and distributed web technology. 

He created three large installations with a concept, TRUSTLESS, in recent years.  New Order/Siren Call? that visualizes the existence of cryptocurrency as origin of new social order and 空の国家 -State of Empty that builds a state by artificial intelligence were created as commissioned works by NTT InterCommunicationCenter[ICC] in 2016. And the origin of the both works, Trustless Trust/Mk.God that evokes memories of future artificial systems won the grand prize of Digital Choc Award 2015 by Institut Francais Tokyo, Zinc, and SecondNature.

In 2014, he belonged to Waseda University’s Lab for Molecular Cell Network as a visiting researcher of BioArt.

His biggest installation, ‘OBSERVER N’ that extends theory-of-life reality by decentralized autonomous network system, was commissioned by The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media[YCAM] in 2012, and his first major work, F – void samplethat goes across the void and perception, won the excellence prize of the 2009 Japan Media Art Festival.


Goh aims to intervene in historical paradigm shifts by art, and creates works by algorithm-based methodologies with taking other intelligence/existence than human beings into consideration.

Since 2014, he works on the establishment of TRUSTLESS as a concept for art. TRUSTLESS means technologically to entrust trust/belief to algorithms, and its word is often used in communities of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The natural trust has kept and handled mainly between humans until the beginning of the 21st century, but now, the human civilization is promoting mechanical automation of intelligence, contracts, labor, and the trust. 

He regards that ‘TRUSTLESS is an axis of the automation movements’.

References (Books


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2012, OBSERVER N, The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Yamaguchi, Japan
  • 2010, F, ASK?, Tokyo, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2020, MOT Annual 2020 – Invisible Powers, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japan
  • 2019, Lux Aeterna, in ISEA2019, Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea
  • 2018, IFVA – Award Finalist Exhibition, HongKong Art Center, HongKong
  • 2017, DigitalChoc Festival, Institut Francais Tokyo&Gallery Coexist-tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2016, Media Conscious, NTT Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2015, Machine-DigitalChocPrix Winning Exhibition, Zinc&SecondNature, Marseilles, France
  • 2014, The 37th annual meeting of the molecular biology society of japan, Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
  • 2014, Materializing II – Between Information and Materiality, The University Art Museum of Tokyo University of the arts, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2013, Japan Media Art Festival in Yamanashi, Yamanashi Complex, Yamanashi, Japan
  • 2010, Japan MediaArt Festival Award-Winning Exhibition, The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan


  • 2015, Digital Choc-Grand prize, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2009, Japan MediaArt Festival-Excellence Award, Tokyo Japan


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  • 2016, ‘Artist Talk-New Arts, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Inteligence’, with Kenji Saito and Samson Sylvain and Minoru Hatanaka, Ntt Inter Communication Center, Tokyo, Japan
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  • 2012, ‘About OBSERVER N-to build an autonomous decentralized network system expanding Theory-of-Life reality’, presentation, The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media[YCAM], Yamaguchi, Japan


  • 2014, Visiting Researcher of Waseda University, Lab for MolecularCellNetwork / Biotechnology, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2010, Tama Art University, Media-Art Lab in Department of Information Design, Tokyo, Japan
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