F – void sample

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Date : 2010

As the viewer peers at this work through a microscope, the dedicated software takes the process of generating space as a model and visualizes it on a liquid crystal display the size of a fingernail. Countless objects keep emerging and disappearing to create …dots, lines, planes, solids, and supersolids… .

Our perceptual system, which can recognize time and space easily as continued experiences, has been improved to higher resolution to enable much smoother traceability by developing the formative art concept originated from the “Mimesis”.

However, the discrete reality would be required for bio-tech and nano-tech, handling extremely scaled time and space differed from the daily life or human body, and the exploding and high dimensional information network system, which has completed the originally settled objectives.

I go forward to the initial state of formative art concept and creating system prior to the human body to explore the artistic break through against the limitation of the finite sensory organ.

There, I focus on the discreteness of a model (eg. cellular automaton) that produces computer-generated patterns or discontinuity that appears by losing the balance of perception (eg. we can see a blind spot in a simple experiment).

This project is to explore the possibility of discreteness expression.

Caption for the above image: 2009, microscope-device, cyber-display, C++program, PC.


F – void sample is a part of a project, ‘F’.

This work received an Excellence Award of the 13rd Japan Media Arts Festival in 2009.

Exhibition2013, Japan Media Art Festival in Yamanashi, Yamanashi Complex, Japan. 
Exhibition2012, OBSERVER N, The Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], Japan. 
Exhibition2010, F, Ask? P, Japan. 
Exhibitoin2010, “Japan Media Art Festival”, The National Art Center Tokyo, Japan. 

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