Trustless Trust / Mk.God

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Date : 2015

Trustless Trust/Mk.God is an audio visual installation as a data-epic which is generated memories of ultimate artificial systems which will exist in the future, by computer programming. This is an attempt to visualize a concept of ‘TRUSTLESS’ which will be social reformation by algorithm. 

Caption for the above image: 2015, dual-screen, projector, multi-sound-system, computer.


This work received the grand prize of Digital Choc Award which was made by Institut français, ZINC and SecondNature in 2015.

The concept and background of this work are described in the following book, Gendai-Shiso Jan 2017.

Exhibition2015, “Machine”, Zinc&SecondNature, Marseilles, France. 
Lecture2015, “Nice to meet you -Meet the artist and presentation of work”, presentation, Friche La Belle De MaI, Marseilles, France.

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