Finding Number

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Date : 2016

Finding Number is an installation work and a part of a project, NewOrder/SinrenCall?.

This is a materialized ‘Proof of Work’, the mining algorithm of Bitcoin blockchain.
It is called a Consensus Algorithm, but the word is not correct. This is mechanically creating ‘something like trust’ by extremely omitting the complex consensus building process we are doing in society. That can be said as Consensusless Consensus.
Therefore, this can be a public Proof of Existence that is not controlled by specific persons and authorities.

I focused on this nature of making the meaning disappear completely.

In this exhibition(=ISEA2019), as records of several events related to the crypto-war and freedom, I printed the blockchain blocks as timestamp of the events, on the subpiece(metallic frame print). 
In addition, the transparency prints, which are the main body, are chronologically showing the degree of difficulty of PoW competition. (such as large puzzles are difficult to solve)

These are just the result of cryptographic hash function and more. The mechanism has no meaning.
It is us who find the meaning in there.

It is like the universe of numbers. Proof of Work, which the mining algorithm of Bitcoin, is materialized as a puzzle and printed on the transparent films/boards. That is installed as a stacked/layered structure. Each of pattern is like a special number-place puzzle which need a massive calculation power by computer for the solution, then the letters/numbers in the pattern are printed minimum size(printing limit) which is the naked eye can barely distinguished. The printed size is 1m * 1m. Then this puzzle is possible to solve actually (you can try to solve this by human power, and feel frustration, then can realize massiveness of the calculation).
Bitcoin system generates new bitcoins by proof of transaction on bitcoin network by “Mining” which is the work/labor of computer. It’s like gold mining. Computers in all over the world find a number like solving the puzzle as competition with one another, and the work as labor is used for making proof of transactions. Then it generates a ledger with stacking the proof. The ledger and the core technology which include the mining are called Blockchain.

This mechanism is the origin of almost all of Trustless technology of cryptocurrency, and it made some derivative algorithm.

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