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Date : 2013

Active Archivism

DECO.r is a project decoding digital archive systems, an an attempt to recombine the MEME by discontinuous succession of history. This project can analyze data, collected from Internet works, to recombine them. The decoding can discover hybrid values through human-computer interaction from the data of the works on internet. It can reconstruct the representation of abstracted materiality, through digital archive process, by analyzing and restoring the eliminated data by a computer program. The materiality means spatiotemporal properties, stains and/or surface roughness of papers or bewitching of the oil paints and others. They will be analyzed as data to be combined with the inspiration of a human being. In addition, this project requires you or museum to disclose machine-readable metadata to collect the work data by the program. DECO.r is a response from an artists to the archive systems.

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