Portrait – State of Empty

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This is a generative print and a part of Goh’s core project, ‘空の国家 – State of Empty’, to build a state like nation-state/sovereign-country by artificial intelligence. Various elements of the state such as people, language, and constitution, are artificially generated by computer programs such as deep-learning.
The project is a commissioned work from ICC and Institut Francais and was created and exhibited in 2016. When Goh was staying in France in 2015(=for A.I.R.), the terrorist attack occurred in Paris. In the wake of it, I created the installation in order to rethink our view of the state. 

This work is kind of a commissioned work. After receiving your request, I will decide the following conditions:
  • The print size is approximately A0(841×1189 mm) ~ B0(1000×1414).
  • I haven’t decided on the price and edition size yet, but I think I’ll set with ‘10000USD or more’ for the price and ‘1’ for the edition (and 1 artist’s proof).