Finding Number

An installation work

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Finding Number is a multi-layer print work exhibited at ISEA in 2019(ver2) and ICC in 2016(ver1), and a piece included in ‘New Order / Siren Call?‘, Goh’s project which focuses on cryptocurrency and distributed ledger such as Bitcoin and Blockchain in view of art.

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The ver1 and ver2 have already been shown in the exhibitions, but the ver3, new version, will be recreate as a commissioned work.

The materials and techniques such as pedestal and printing will be re-selected to create the new version of the highest quality. (Due to lack of budget for the exhibition.



I haven’t decided on the price and edition size yet, but I think I’ll set with ‘2 BTC or more’ for the price and ‘1 or 2’ for the edition. (the edition will be set by the price.