Digital Choc Prix .01 – A.I.R.

I’m in Marseille in France for creating new work, ‘Trustless Trust/Mk.God’, and it was shown at the exhibition, Machines. The exhibition was held at La Friche, a very big complex arts center.
This A.I.R. program is related to the new international art award, Digital Choc, which was made by Institut Français Japon, Zinc and Second Nature, supported by Diffusion Digital Art.
I got the grand prize of the award and was assigned this program in Oct 2015.

This article is just a brief report, and I’ll upload the details/official project page later on.

Trustless Trust/Mk.God -ver.01

Trustless Trust/Mk.God

This is the first version of ‘Trustless Trust/Mk.God’ and a piece of my project The Matrix. The work is an audio visual installation which is generated memories of future artifacts(artificial system) by computer programs.

I attempt to visualize a concept, TRUSTLESS, which will make social reformation by algorithm.

This version shows rising processes of artificial mind. In the work, they/artifacts are dreaming in the future, and that is about the origin of themselves. The installation consisted of two screens and a ten-speaker system, with big volume & pressure of light & sound which are like a waterfall/tsunami of memories.
(The format of the installation will be changed for each version.

This work will be exhibited in Tokyo on Feb 2016.

This A.I.R. program is really amazing. So many things for the artist were provided, such as working studios, production fee, living fee, technical supports, and other things. I’m incredibly lucky.

This time, I was working at three studios. Every place is big.

This is the third studio and the exhibition space. In Japan, it’s difficult to exhibit just one installation in such a large studio.

The second studio is below, it’s like a theater. The studio has a large space and seats for showing, a bar/cafeteria, and basement rooms include toilet and shower. I could keep them to myself.… OMG, very nice.

(Actually, I was living here and playing loud music at night. Especially, when I almost fall asleep, some noise which I made is useful for recovering consciousness.
o(`ω´ )o

a view from the entrance of La Friche.

Fortunately, everyone I met is really kind and interesting, and I was saved by them. I’m grateful to all the people who supported me.

I got a lot of supports, so I have to return them with my work. The goal of this work is a long way, but I could begin to create. This work continues. I’ll come back with the complete version.

Merci ! – Goh Uozumi

An artist working in the field of Art & Technology.
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