Digital Choc Prix .01 – A.I.R.

I’m in Marseille in France for the creation of my new work, ‘Trustless Trust/Mk.God’, and it was exhibited at an event, Made in Friche – Machines. The event was held at La Friche, a very big complex arts center.There is a new international art award, Digital Choc, which was made by Institut Français Japon, Zinc and Second Nature, supported by Diffusion Digital Art. I’d won the award, and I was assigned this A.I.R. program since Oct. This article is just a brief report, and I’ll upload the details/official project page later on.

Trustless Trust/Mk.God -ver.01

Trustless Trust/Mk.God

This is the first version of “Trustless Trust/Mk.God” and a piece of my project “The Matrix”. The work is an audio visual installation which is generated memories of future artifacts/artificial things by computer programming.

I attempt to visualize a concept, “Trustless”, which will be social reformation by algorithm.

This version shows rising processes of artificial mind. In the work, they/artifacts are dreaming in the future, and that is about the origin of themselves. The installation consisted of two screens and ten speaker system, with big volume/pressure of light&sound which is like waterfall/tsunami of memories. Then the format of installation will be changed for each version.

This work will be exhibited in Tokyo on Feb 2016.

This residence program is really amazing. A lot of things for artist were provided, such as working studios, production fee, living fee, technical supports, house and other things. I’m incredibly lucky.

This time, I was working at three studios. Every place is big.

This is the third studio and the exhibition space. I think, it’s difficult to exhibit only one installation at a such big studio in Japan.

This is the second studio, it’s like theater. The studio has a big space and seats for showing, a bar/cafeteria, and basement rooms include toilet and shower. Then, I could use them alone… very nice.

(Actually, I was living here and playing loud music in nights. Especially, when I almost fall asleep, some noise which I made is useful for recovering consciousness. o(`ω´ )o

a view from the entrance of La Friche.

Fortunately, everyone who I met is really kind and interesting, and I was saved by them. I’m really grateful to all the people who supported me.
I was given a lot of support, so I have to return them by my work. A goal of the work is a long way from here, but I could begin to create the work. This work still continues. I’ll come back with the complete version.

Merci ! – 魚住 剛 (Goh Uozumi)

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