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Goh UOZUMI is an artist working in the field of Art & Technology including cryptocurrencymass surveillancedistributed autonomous network and new computational formation theory in arts, and he has exhibited large scale installations at leading Media-Art museums such as YCAM and ICC.
He aims to intervene in historical paradigm shift by art, and creates works/systems by algorithm based methodologies with taking other intelligence/existence than human beings into consideration.

Since 2014, he has been creating works that focused on the cryptocurrency and based on the concept called ‘TRUSTLESS. That main works are ‘New Order / Siren Call’ that visualizes the existence of cryptocurrency as the origin of the new order, and ‘空の国家 -State of Empty’ that build a state by artificial intelligence (2016, ICC). And the origin of the both works, ‘Trustless Trust / Mk.God’ that calls memories of future artificial systems (2015, InstitutFrancais/Zinc/SecondNature).

His works are for establishment of ‘TRUSTLESS’ as an artistic concept. TRUSTLESS means technically to entrust trust/belief to algorithms, and its word is often used in communities of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The natural trust was kept and handled mainly between humans until the beginning of the 21st century, but now, the human civilization is promoting mechanical automation of intelligence, contracts, labor, and the trust. He regards that “TRUSTLESS is an axis of the automation movements”.
Also, his thought about Arts&Cryptocurrency and TRUSTLESS was published in major Japanese philosophy/critic books. Please try reading it. The details here – https://gohuozumi.com/references.

As a background of the activities above, he was developing ‘distributed autonomous network system’ as artwork and artistic concept before knowing the cryptocurrency.
The most successful result is ‘OBSERVER N’, a solo exhibition held at YCAM the biggest Media-Art center in Asia in 2012. It is one of his origins, which was created since 2008, and the exhibition was for reconsidering the limitation of the centralized paradigm of humanism and governance which was revealed by the ‘3.11, 2011’, the great earthquake and the nuclear power plant accident in Japan.

Artists working with the concept of ‘distributed autonomous network’ still are very rare. Also until cryptocurrency became famous, even people trying to understand the concept were very rare in the art world. He aims to boost the social position of this concept to be discussed properly as Arts.

An artist who works in the field of Art & Technology.

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