*Ended* Partnership & Affiliate Program

This program is no longer available.
Thank you.

We just started Partnership and Affiliate Program. You can earn rewards by introducing customers or clients.


This is a program that pays fees for brokers or agencies of works sales or commissioned works.
It applies to works not listed in this shop, works not priced, and creating new works.
We will make a contract for each sale. You can earn a fee by introducing a client or collector for my creation, like an art gallery.
The fee is 30 to 50% of our profit excluding material and shipping costs.
For details, let’s talk by email. Please contact us from the contact page.

Goh can create works other than the works of this shop. Please see this site for his other works.

*We accept direct sales and commissioned work. Please contact us from the contact page.


We will pay rewards if someone purchases the works via affiliate links you issued.
The reward rate is 10% of purchase price that excluding shipping costs, tax and payment fee, and that is the base.
Furthermore, purchase over 3000USD is 20%,
and over 10000USD is 30%.
(For example, if you introduce a 5000USD work, you can earn 1000USD. You just share affiliate links and there is no risk.)

We pay the reward when we ship works.
The period from purchase to shipment varies from a few weeks to two months, and it depends on the works. If a purchaser cancels during that period, we cannot pay a reward.
Please note that we cannot refund to the purchaser who used this program for any reason except our fault. This is to prevent cheat.

The payment method is the same as the purchaser’s payment method. We will remit the reward with BTC when the purchaser uses cryptocurrency, and with Paypal when it is Paypal.

To join this program, please create and login an affiliate account from the link below.

How to use

After login into the affiliate page,

  1. Click the ‘Creatives’ link
  2. Enter an affiliate link you want. If you introduce an individual product, enter its link such as https://goh.works/product/super-green-1
  3. Click the ‘Generate Rferral URL’ button, and get generated your affiliate link.

After generating the link, you just share it.

*We may change this program and the reward rates without notice and will post updates about it on this post or affiliate page.


Q : Can I use this affiliate for own purchases?
A : No, you can not. This is the cost that the artist pays to affiliators as advertising to acquire new customers. In the first place, the prices of the works are set without assuming this program, so please understand that the artist’s income will decrease by this reward.

Q : Should purchases bypass this affiliate link?
A : No, contributors should earn fair rewards.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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