Quality & Finishing Option – Prints

All prints are made with the highest quality specialty paper/film and archival ink, and can keep the color for a long time. Also, they are original prints, the artist himself creates and checks the quality.In addition, we will outsource some framing processes to specialized pro-lab/frame-shop, in order to decorate the piece as soon as it arrives and to be enjoyable over a long period stably.

  • In case of the ‘Pre-Order’, the production duration by artist is around 3 to 5 days after the payment is done.
  • In case of the ‘Framing’, the delivery days will be added for around 2 weeks. That means the pro-lab/frame-shop requires that days for their processes.
  • The final delivery days is the sum of transportation days from Japan and the all days above.

*If you have a request for frame color or thickness or material, please write it on the Order-Notes on the checkout page. If it is blank, the artist(Goh) chooses the frame.

♦ Frame – Aluminum Mounting

A finishing method for bonding aluminum-composite-plate to the back side of the print.
Because the printed surface becomes exposed, this option is suitable for exhibiting while feeling the texture of the print as it is.
(This option is a printed surface is exposed, so if you continue to display as it is, discoloring will proceed fast. If you like the print, we strongly recommend to put it in a box-frame or to save it in a dark place, within a few years. The details here

  • Around 2 or 3 weeks will be added to a delivery date.

♦ Frame – Acrylic Mounting

Around 2 weeks will be added to the delivery days.A finishing method for bonding an acrylic-plate to the surface of the print.
The impressions of clarity and depth increase, and they contribute to the feeling of luxury as an object.
In addition, because the printed surface is protected, it is resistant to deterioration and the handling is easy.

  • Around 2 or 3 weeks will be added to a delivery date.

♦ Frame – Standard Framing

A finishing method with wooden or aluminum frame and archival mat. The artist chooses the frame color, size, and mat depending on the piece.

  • Around 2 or 3 weeks will be added to a delivery date.

♦ Frame – Float Mounting

A framing combined the aluminum mounting and the standard frame without mat. The print is mounted on an aluminum composite plate, then it is set in a standard frame. This option can protect the surface of the print with an acrylic board on the frame.
The artist chooses the frame color and size depending on the work.

  • Around 2 or 3 weeks will be added to a delivery date.

♦ Box – Archiving

An option for collectors to preserve the print as an asset for a long time. The print is protected with an acid-free archival box and mat with museum grade processing. If the print is stored properly, even it is an inkjet piece, the durability of the ink is estimated to be 200 years by chemical test.
It is easy to fit in a standard picture frame, please select this option when you want to choose your favorite frame.
Also, this option is good if you do not have enought space to store lots of framed prints.

  • Around 2 weeks will be added to a delivery date.

♦ Raw – Print Only

This is a ‘print-only’ option for advanced users. With this option, the pieces can be delivered safely at the cheapest shipping cost.

See about ‘New Shipping Class’

If you have your favorite framer or art lab for framing or conservation goods, please select this option. We will send you the raw print with a minimal package.
Also, the price of this option is the ‘reference price’ of the art work itself.

  • Around 1 week (depends on works).
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